Lewis (elwood012) wrote in nws,

Hello everyone!

I now finally have a web presence of some sort!

How's life back at the 'ol school? Things are going well for me at Pomona College, but I've also had quite a bit of work recently.

Nick is completely right about NWS preparing you well for college, particularly in anything that the Humanities program encompasses, and in Chemistry. I also encourage any current NWS students who are thinking about Pomona or any of the other Claremont Colleges to send me an email with any questions that you may have…

BTW, I will also be back up in Seattle for spring break between March 13 and March 20, so there is a good chance I wlll drop in one day that week.

I was hoping to write a longer post, but I have a physics test tomorrow and should wrap things up so I am well-rested.

Have a good week.

-Lewis J
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